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  • Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

  • Tightens Va-JayJ

  • Erectile Disfunction

  • Dryness - Looseness

  • incontinence

  • No Injections or Needles

  • No Side Effects

  • FDA Approve

  • No Down Time

  • 4 Sessions Package £450

Working principle

The "Pelvic Power Chair" subverts the traditional treatment of urinary incontinence. Through the revolutionary technology High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Wave, it stimulates motor neurons to control the pelvic floor muscles, and triggers repeated hyper-contraction motions of the pelvic floor muscles to rebuild the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary system.



"Pelvic Power Chair" can activate the pelvic floor muscle tissue and promote collagen regeneration effectively enhance the pelvic floor muscles, restore firmness and improve elasticity; strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, fight off incontinence, urine leakage, dripping, lower abdomen protrusion, lower pelvic relaxation and other problems; get rid of difficult orgasm and other problems.
The pelvic floor muscles are triggered to tighten approximately 12,000 times within 30 minutes, which effectively strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, improves urine penetration, and relaxes in private areas. The effect far exceeds the general Kegel exercise.


Using the most advanced non-invasive vaginal shrinking technology, no need foundress, safe, comfortable, and no abstinence period.

A course of 4 minimum treatments is better than completing 10,000 Kegel exercises, and the treatment effect is more significant.
Each treatment only needs to sit for 30 minutes, with zero pain, zero anesthesia, and zero recovery period.
Repair pelvic floor dysfunction, improve vaginal dryness and looseness, and urinary incontinence. It can be used as prostate gland, suitable for men and women.



How does it work for women?
1. Women who are preparing to become pregnant
Reduce the risk of miscarriage due to a short cervix
Strengthen the muscle relaxation of the pelvic floor, reduce the filter of the bed restoring machine
Strengthen the pelvic muscles to support the fetus and avoid severe uterine, intestinal and vaginal prolapse
2. Mildly mature women
Improve loose vaginal opening and insufficient lubricating mucus secretion
Improve vaginitis and repeated non-healing of Candida
3. Mothers going through childbirth
Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can improve various degrees of oozing and vaginal relaxation due to physical changes during
4. After 35 years old, women who are not planning to become pregnant or have menopausal symptoms
Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, restore the elasticity of the uterus and vagina and increase secretion and moisture
Increase blood circulation and activate female parts

How does it work for men?
Pelvic floor weakness in men can lead to erectile dysfunction (difficulty attaining or maintaining erection) and premature
ejaculation. Pelvic floor strengthening with HIEMT chair can increase penile rigidity and hardness in men with ED and improvecontrol over time until ejaculation.

Utilizing electromagnetic stimulation, it stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, rehabilitating weakened muscles to restore muscularcontrol and providing stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Men who have received treatment with the HIEMT chair have reported key benefits, including:
Improved erection quality and duration
Increased instances of climax
Improved sensation
Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
Improve the frequency of urination
Avoid bowel incontinence in old age
Improve urine drops

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