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Stretch Mark/ Scar Reduction


  • Fine lines & Wrinkles Reduced

  • Smile Lines Reduced

  • Scars & Spots Reduced

  • Stretch Marks Reduced

  • Skin Tightening

  • Active Acne and prints Reduced

  • Hyperpigmentation Reduced

Our Digital Micro needling Treatment is also known as Collagen induction.  

How does it work? It works by creating microscopic (tiny) injuries in the skin, which sends a signal out in your body to come and repair and make knew collagen, ie healthy skin. 

  • Our signature Organic Jamaican plant based Collagen is freshly made into a convenient and nutrient gel, which will Dramatically increase your results by up to 30%

A 40-90% improvement can be seen in just 1 session, with a course of 3 recommended for best results.

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